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June 2008



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Jun. 11th, 2008


one cold bed,
empty coat hangers:
aftermath of
a passionate whatever.

we never put a name to it,
that thing we used to have going,
now it's 4 am and
it's all undone.

baby, step back on
these deserted street,
the leaves on the trees
lost their groove
and we miss you terribly.

Jun. 10th, 2008


there are many colors
around you,
each one tugging at my soul.

i could never figure you out
probably that's the best reason why
i don't tire watching you.

red, fuschia and orange - laughter,
blue, torquoise and green - serene.

how it sucks when you go all-lavender,
sullen and silent:
i wonder what you are thinking,
what went wrong?

i hope it wasn't me,
i'll find it hard to sleep.


 walking aimlessly
in a city that treats
sleep as sin,
while my lone heart
is fading.

houses are closed
for the orphans
and widows are
wary of strangers
but here i am envious
for they remain one
with their souls.

pity the man who
doesn't know how to weep
who sees troubles around
that he does not understand.

humans are made to be humans,
never a pillar of stone;
men should be amongst other men,
not to battle alone.

woe to me who hoped
for better days -
one who longs for the glory of men -

where are you, spirit;
where are you, soul;
Hero, when will you shine forth?

May. 18th, 2008

open letter 2


There are thousands of questions it seems that i'd like to ask you.  
You are there and I am here, still it feels like we're together.  
I can't get over seeing you again: your smile, your eyes and hearing your voice.

I must admit I was scared to meet you, knowing that I'm this way about you.  
I feel so insecure.  
Do you think of me the same, or is there a somebody else?

I wanted to run away from you and yet I want to go where you go.  
I want to hear you speak and yet I long for you to tell me stories after stories.

I want to fill you in about my life, yet I'm afraid you'd say i don't fit into yours.

I want to dazzle you with a smile but I also want to lose my guard and weep.

One look from you and i'm undone - overwrought with emotions.
Such is your secret that I'm left in awe.

You said "So long," as I knew you would, and I hastened my steps so that as we part ways, I could turn to look back at you and watch as you go.

Will I see you again?

I hope I would.



the more i get to  live
the more i want to dream, 
it's like a new world opened
and my sprit just woke up.

beauty springs in my chest
and i'm taken off-guard
never suspecting that she's there 
all along just waiting to unveil herself.

i long to be with her
get lost in unknown places
find them out together 
try out every avenue 
see where each one leads to.

for once i know what i want
and i'm not letting go
no matter what happens
i'l take heart and press on.

May. 7th, 2008


As i look on all these things around me
I long to make a way
I long to be a difference
somehow in a little way.

But looking at myself
my hands hang limp
for who I am is all I am
and that just don't make the cut.

Giants walk on this place
And lies crush the fight within me
that i need some good reminding
of the girl You know i could be
if I only believe. 

So You come into the picture
and You urge me to look at You
And my passions You put in line.

You're all I have to call onto
for You have able hands
You're all I have to look up to
and everything's changed - better. 

I don't need to be a hero, no
You free me of things
I couldn't and shouldn't be
You take me and 
let me be me.


May. 1st, 2008

phantom child

i woke up to cold sweat
breaking out of every pore,
my mind's a whirl of visions
and my heart pounds away
without shame.

a child covered with
a blanket of red,
made me think of blood -
made me scared for his life.

there was no one there
but a Phantom of sinister
One thirsty for joy,
One whose hopes have fallen.

I urged him to hide
told him to be silent
but the kid just looked at me,
he just looked at me.

i was not someone he should fear
he should do as i say,
yet he didn't
though i know he could hear me.

i woke up to cold sweats
and shook my head clear of nightmares
but the feel of desperation remained
sending chills on my back.

i looked at the mirror
assured of the face reflected,
until i closed my eyes
and a voice seemed to whisper -
"you are but a child"


Apr. 29th, 2008

Raising Up Faithful God

Come and bow down before 
the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!
He has risen to lead us into
a joyous celebration of
God being proclaimed to all the people,
a wonderful day of raising God and
beholding His glory.

Praises be to the God of all men
Praises be to His Son, Jesus on high with Him
Praises be to the Holy Spirit, One who qualifies-
Oh, Father, Son and Comfort, one!

I awaken to joy
remembering how God has led me
into the place of promise -
Oh, the wonder ways of my God 
Who has brought me to the right people

He has called them from all directions
And He walked with me there to meet them.
He was there whem we talked
He was there when we shook hands 
and were as one :

Proclaming God's glory and
For Jesus' deeds be known
from place to place.

Telling about Him to every boy and girl,
let him be honored rightly by those
who are next in row.

How great is my God,
How faithful
Indeed we can all run to Him
to the arms that hold us together
to the power who gives us strength.

In my lips, may there be praises evermore,
He has shone me the way,
thought there are enemies out to thwart me
He has taken care of them all.

He lifted my weary head
and renewed my tireed limbs-
Now He urges me not to lose any second
for He's taking me to a place I should be.

God has seen me through
He supplied my every need.
He blesses me so I'll not be wanting
not food, not shelter or covering.

He carries me and cares for me
Oh, the wonder of it all:
For a God so big to show His love
Persisitently, Consistently to one
just like me.

So continue to be patient,
God's children.
Fear not and persevere 
For our God is faithful,
He will save and supply
and He never fails.

Apr. 11th, 2008


 a meteor fell in time
with a great grey tear,
and I raised a hand, a fist
to the One who sees it all.

just when the booming voice of WHY
reached its deafening PEAK,
cynicism crept in to put a balm
over my punctured wound.

numb, my eyes strayed once more
to the scene that caused me
much sorrow:

her lips - mysterious
like those of Mona Lisa,
her face looked serene
like one who sleeps.

thoughts straying
to that time in the rain,
the cold making her shiver,
her smile warming me
all the while.

she's so beautiful.
have i ever told her that?

what i would give to remember,
what i would give for time.

i will miss her.

life has its own timetable and
loss visits everyone he pleases.

i reached down to take
her hand in mine
though i know i had to
let go sometime.

i miss her already and
i know i'll be inconsolable.
for this is a thing
even a kiss can't contest.


Apr. 10th, 2008

he lied

thirty-four degrees,
burning, but cold.

(he said:)

i need,
i want,
i miss...

deep, soothing words from sleek lips
used to cunning devices:
a wolf set on its prey.

proceed to flood me with
visions of him around me
like the rings to Saturn.

i took it with me to bed,
expecting i had it to wake up to,
like a beloved teddy bear.

such tall tales from
a master rapper -
big words that mean nothing,
a castle made of sand.

(he lied).

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